T24 Data Extractor

T24 Data Extractor fast and efficient software product to extract core banking data from a TEMENOS T24™ system and to upload the data to a relational database. It is the result of many years experience in TEMENOS T24™ system integration with other systems. The architecture of T24 Data Extractor enables quick and effective integration of new requirements. Solution enables customers to access their data into modern business-intelligence system.

  • Jbase solution (High performance jBase connector for TEMENOS T24™; Configure applications in T24.; Integrate point of extraction into the COB or manual processing)
  • Oracle solution (High performance, Data extract in near real-time)
  • Supports: local applications; local reference fields, multivalue fields and subvalue fields; Multi-Company, Multi-Branch and Non-Stop Processing; Flashback archive, triggers and other database features; Integrated in COB or manual processing; Data normalization
  • Multi-threaded architecture
  • Fully automated processing


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